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Creative Director, Founder


Apostrophe Studio is a Graphic Design studio founded by Devanshi Kedia Sharma. With a first-class degree in BA (Hons) Graphic and Communication Design, from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom, she returned to Bombay to launch her own endeavour and turn her dream into reality in October 2017. Starting small with local clients from Bombay the studio eventually expanded to international clients from Dubai and the UK, to build up a body of work it is proud of.


We offer a diverse range of graphic design services from animations and social media to print and packaging collaterals but our area of expertise lies in Branding. Building up an entire identity for a company and bringing it to life is what we are most passionate about.


No project is too small or big for us. We approach each project with the same level of creative thinking and enthusiasm. Our aim is to help the client achieve their commercial objectives and ambitions by creating visually engaging work.


We keep it simple. Our projects are split into three key stages: Concept, Design and Delivery. From the beginning of the project to the final delivery, we are driven towards helping our clients reach their goals.

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